Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dining Mess... I Mean Dining Room!

Today I started preparing my plan. Simple things that are taken for granted for some took me forever:) For instance, I tried coloring the alphabet pasta with food colors, every single bog on the Internet says it takes few minutes, it took almost one hour for me!!! Why? I have no idea, I put the pasta in the Ziploc and added the food color, tried shaking them but the color was concentrated on some only, I had to add 1 tsp of vinegar and shake more, 4 colors+ 4 bags = 1 hour. Now, they are lying on some tissues to dry up. I told you I will learn the hard way and the errors might exceed the successes;) What else did I do today? I turned our dining room into a mess!!! Don't forget, we are Egyptians, we don't use the dining room unless there are visitors so I thought that until we have visitors which won't be anytime soon, the dining room will be my lab, i forbid my dad from entering and locked it so that little Sarah won't discover my dark secrets, lol!
Here is a list of the things I got from the dollar tree store that I have in there:
creatures, stones, gems, 32 sheets of foam, glue sticks, paper clips, push pins, white glue, poster board, alphabet cards, numbers cards, shapes cards
Things normally found at home:
magnifying glass, egg cartoons, Ziploc bags (sacs), scissors, empty bottles, toilet paper rolls, plastic boxes, printer and paper:)
Things that came with other toys or books:
stickers, construction papers
Things I bought from other places:
Crayola colors (It was a huge box filled with all kinds of colors, crayons, washable, chalk, water colors, magnetic alphabets ...etc and construction papers for only $19.99 from toysrus), one bag that contained 300 pieces of fuzzy sticks and poms and googly eyes (cost $6.99), alphabets pasta (3 for $5), 1-hole puncher ($1.79 from staples) and food color
I also collected some tree leaves from the gardens! Actually Sarah is the one who collected most of them since she loves flowers and gardens!
In November, I might go crazy on the sale day and get a laminator, we'll see!
Here are some pictures from my lab, I mean from dining room:

                                    You can see that my baby didn't appreciate my work, lol

Here are some other few pictures I just love to share with you:

Thanks for reading, going back to my dining room:)

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