Thursday, August 8, 2013

Square, Rectangle, triangle and a Circle!

Hey my friends,
In the last post, we started learning about shapes. You can read more about this post Here. As I told you on this post, I had a "Shapes" sensory tub in hand. We had one in the past and it was the first sensory tub we ever had. You can also check this one Here
Today's sensory tub was a bit comprehensive, it had more than sensory items. The girls had a blast playing with it. It included:

  • Wooden shapes (Melissa and Doug)
  • Plastic shapes (used in shape sorting box)
  • Goggly eyes
  • Coins
  • shape beads & lace
  • water beads (balls & blocks)
  • Circular & rectangular items
  • "Sammy the Snake" book
  • Zigzag

As you can see, Sarah laced the beads, Sarah and Farida used their hands and feet to test the tub, they scouped and dumped the beads. My rule was simple, what's inside the tub stays inside and it worked :D
Sarah can spell star and oval now :D
Thank you for being with us. We hope you have enjoyed. please come back soon. I really appreciate your comments!


  1. Lovely idea for a sensory bin. It looks great fun!

    Thanks for linking to The Sunday Showcase. I've pinned to our boards.

  2. That's so awesome! I would love to have you link up at my Wednesday Sensory Play party! It's live now. Visiting from Montessori Monday!

  3. I'm featuring this on The Sunday Showcase this weekend - thank you for linking up. :)


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