Sunday, February 19, 2012


Didn't you miss our Sundays? We started our day doing a meditation jar for Sarah. I still need to teach her how to calm down using it, this girl has a temper, just like mommy! Curious Farida watched for a while and then got bored! For the record, I no longer tell Sarah what to wear so that bunny Halloween costume is her choice.

Hot water (I poured it)!

Adding food color and glitter glue!

Adding glitter!
It kept falling fast so we kept adding glue glitter, glitter ,
more water to cover till the top and for some reason, I added some gel.

Final product!

Then, I introduced the solar system to Sarah using This Product. It was fun at the beginning but then turned out so boring when I couldn't hang it from the ceiling. Forgive me, I know nothing about drilling, measurements, ..etc. Sarah gave me that look as if she was telling me: You'd better find something else to entertain me because now, you've killed my enthusiasm. At least, she got to know that there are 8 planets (I still can't get over the fact that we lost Pluto), that we live on Earth and that Earth is the 3rd planet and the only one that has form of life on it because of the presence of water. Yes, she now knows all this. She can also recognize Earth. Not so bad for a sucky project. Here:

After that we planted a Basil recycled seed. We don't have soil and I wasn't in the mood to go get some from outside so we used cotton as soil instead. They did that with us in school when we were young.

Bought 3 of these pots for $1.

She expected results immediately. I told her the plant needs water and sun to grow and that we are going to water it everyday until it grows just like baby sister. After that, it hit me. WATER BEADS! Why didn't I think of this earlier to save the day? Thank you again PAHMs for your great ideas. BUT you won't believe this! Farida did not want to stop playing. Everytime, I took her away from the beads and light, she cried. In the beginning, I thought it was a coincidence but then, she made it very clear that she wants to dive in there. Sarah also didn't want to stop, she wanted to go on FOREVER.

On the light table!


Baby feet :)

3 feet!

Yes, you can dance over it
although I wasn't so sure it will hold her!

How about glow sticks?

Don't you love the colors?

Thank you for making it so far. Come back soon.


  1. LOL about Pluto. Sorry I was the one who had to break it to you. ;)

    1. I don't know how to forgive you for this Allison, lol.

  2. I have to ask what water beads are? I'm laughing about Pluto still Sherine, you're so funny!!!

    Okay I have to ask what a meditation jar is too ? It is very pretty that's for sure!

    It looks like the girls had a really great time, especially at the end on the light table. You are so creative! I can't want to see what grows from your basil seed :)

    1. Water beads are crystal beads. they are polymers taht grow with water and they can be dehydrated and shrink again. I bought mine from the dollar store but tehy call them something else there(I think floral beads).A
      A meditatio jar is supposed to be a calming jar for the kid. They watch the glitter falling slowly and relate it to their anger falling and resting. It can be used in time-out or time-in as we call it now.


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