Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Free Time!

What do you usually do in your free time? What do your kids do? Do you ever let them play on their own without any direction? If you have never tried, I recommend it. You will be amazed of the results. Today, I've done nothing but sitting in the room with my little girls and I was watching from the corner of my eye. Sarah did more than I could have thought of. She took care of her 3 babies: baby doll, Minnie and Farida's teddy bear. She fed them, changed them, bathed them, burped them and even danced with them. She prepared us tea from her tea pot. She arranged her head bands and accessories and stacked the boxes on the top of each other. She read all of us stories and books. She drew non sense and was so happy with this non sense (and I was one happy momma). She sang and clapped. She entertained Farida. She played with her puzzles and returned them to their place. She went shopping with her 3 kids in her shopping cart putting the teddy bear on the top of the cart as we usually do with her. She sorted some of her things. She even prayed and talked on her phone. Weird enough, she returned everything to its place after being done with it. The most important thing to her was that I was in the same room even if I was doing nothing. It is so relaxing and lovely! I love relaxing time ;)


1 comment:

  1. Yes! Relaxing time is great, you deserve it! And it is so nice to see how they interact with things. You can't imagine the things Adrian will make a game of!!! I love the imagination :D


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