Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Little Of Everything!

Can you believe I'm still organizing? I can't believe this tiny room contains all this stuff, lol. We added a dress-up corner (not really a corner). Of course, it is just a start and we'll be adding a lot to it but it will take time and a budget. Thank you my dear friend, Liz. Liz will be sending us a doctor's costume :) We love you but you already know that, lol. We also added some mirrors on the door to add space and to play with the reflections. I found more food colors and colored more rice and alphabet pasta. Here are the pictures:

Isn't it more lively?!

We did some sensory activities with Farida, Sarah loved seeing her little sister laughing. I started by demonstrating to Sarah and she imitated me. We started from the feet up and gave her the materials to hold. When Farida was little and not interacting, Sarah was so frustrated and sometimes even aggressive. Now, after Farida started giggling, babbling and sharing us our play, Sarah couldn't be happier. I can picture close sisters in the future. Here:
A feather, a gem, a pom pom, a sensory apple,
a tissue and Sarah brought a car :)

So relaxed and happy!

By the end of the day, we did something we have been doing for a couple of days so far. It was a hit. It was story time and I thought about using the miniature items and incorporate them in our story events. This story is borrowed from the library and we had most of the items already. The best part was Sarah searching for the items with me. We gave Farida everything to touch. Sarah re-told us the story afterwards and I asked her a lot of follow-up questions.

A grasshopper (bug), a foam dog, a car, a zip, a fish,
a bat, a kite and little people.

Curious eyes!
One more random thing: I went to the kitchen to drink and came back to see this <3

Thank you for reading. Come back tomorrow! We'll be here :)

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  1. Awww, Sarah is such a good big sister. Farida is so lucky! They are going to be best friends, that must feel so wonderful, seeing them love each other. And Farida is such a HAPPY baby! I never would have imagined you could start activities this early!!! Amazing.

    Sarah is creative like her mama, with her costumes! I can't wait to see her in her doctor costume!


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