Monday, August 5, 2013

I Can See Shapes Everywhere!

Dear friends,
Sarah is a Kindergartener this year. She won't be home-schooled as we don't have this system here in Egypt but this doesn't mean we won't play and learn together. I have got her syllabus and I have decided to work on it with her in our fun, usual way. 
We won't work in any specific order. Accordingly, we chose to start off with the shapes. Thanks to Pinterest, we have found some great ideas. First, we started by setting up a bath. I have cut foam strips that can form different shapes, labelled each with the number of sides of the shape, the name of the shape and a small drawing of the shape. It was so much fun for both girls. We did the triangle, square, rectangle, diamond, oval, circle, hexagon and octagon.

Then, I had foam plates on which I drew dots representing the shapes and their names. The girls were supposed to push toothpicks in the plates. Farida wasn't really into anything but just pushing the toothpicks randomly and taking them from her sister ;)

We followed this was a simple tracing and sorting paper game. We had the book already in hand.

Finally, I used some colored tape and drew the shapes on the floor. I asked Sarah to move from one shape to the other using a specific action. For example, crawl like a baby to the star, hop on one feet to the rectangle, swim to the triangle, ...etc. We also threw teddy on the shapes naming them. It should have been a sand bag so that it lands and rests but we didn't have and we wouldn't have stopped because of this ;) We also listened to some songs about shapes.



I have also prepared a new "shapes" sensory tub that we will probably be playing with tomorrow, God willing. We had one in the past, actually on the first day of our journey! You can check it Here for more ideas. It brings back a lot of sweet memories to my mind.
Thank you for being with us, we hope you have enjoyed today's activities. Please come back soon. Your comments are really appreciated.


  1. I love your fun ideas for learning at home! I definitely want to try the foam strips in the bathtub - looks fun! :)

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy more with us!


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