Thursday, July 4, 2013

A New Independence Day!

Hey my lovely fans,
I am happy. We really did it , we ousted a fascist regime and fascist dictator! Egyptians did it, some think it is a military coup but it is not! It is the will of a nation! You might not understand but if only you could see, you might imagine. We were living in darkness literally, no electricity for up to 6 hours and sometimes more a day, no gas, no water and not even money, nothing! We were deprived of everything while the authorities were busy working on transforming governmental institutions into Muslim Brotherhood ones! They are still resisting, killing innocent people in the streets but it will be over so soon!
I know this is not a political page, it is child-centered but this is something that affects my children, this is a lesson that my children witnessed and would learn forever and they participated in it ;) This is a lesson about freedom, how they should fight for their dignity and freedom! their father set a great example in this revolution, he was always there in the streets with protesters, he cheered and got tired but he was fighting for a greater cause. I think today was the first day he really slept after a long long time.

This is what they call a military coup!

So, this was us on the night before "he" was ousted!

Dida was a little scared from all the fireworks!
Nothing better than daddy's arms to feel safe!

Today, I prepared this bath to celebrate even more :) It represents the Egyptian flag. Honestly, it wasn't such a good idea since the water turned dark black afterwards. I hated giving them a bath in it but the girls were so happy.

We all had some random science experiments. We did some of them before but Farida is involved this time and Sarah has already forgotten ;)


Thank you for listening to our story, we hope it inspired you a little. Thank you and please, come back soon.

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