Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's Sunday...

It's Sunday. do you know what this means? It means it's time for our MAD SCIENCE SUNDAY:) There were a lot of "Wows" and "Ohs".It was a colorful day. I think the pictures would speak more than words.

Then, we made these:

Although it was our picture but Sarah found some difficulty in doing it, yes she knew which parts belonged to mommy and which parts belonged to Sarah but couldn't figure how to make them whole until she finally did it.

And of course, there has to be a little Math.

We had to check our previous experminent:)

Today was a success, to complete our masterpieces, we read a book titled "Mouse paint". It's all about colors and mixing them together. We got it from the Public Library yesterday, it was a coincidence but a nice one, it came just in time:)
Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.


  1. Sherine, her SMILE! SmileS! She is so happy! What a lucky girl. That experiment is amazing. I am going to have to get a science kit!

  2. How exciting! You have some very fun activities on your blog, and I'm your newest follower. I'm passing on an award!



  3. thank you so much Brittney:) I appreciate it.

  4. Looks like fun. Mouse Paint is a great idea for a go along book!


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