Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Late Mad Science Sunday!

I'm so sorry I couldn't post or do anything last Sunday but we had some troubling news. Anyway, we compensated for Mad Science Sunday today. I found Steve Spangler's videos and I immediately fell in love with all his Science experiments. We did 2 experiments today. The first one failed. We wanted to make a rainbow with water in a jug, mirror and flash light. Why did it fail? Simply because I don't have a glass or transparent jug! yes, you read that right. All our jugs are colored! So, we tried with a glass of water but it was too small. Anyway, we moved to the second experiment. SLIME! If you don't know how to do this, it is very easy with very simple steps. You'll need: 8 oz glue, warm water, Borax, a bowl, a cup, a teaspoon and food color (if desired).

Add the glue to the bowl.
Fill the bottle with water, shake it well and add to the bowl.
Mix well.

Add food color.
I'm a colorful mommy but Sarah chose black to work with :(
Anyway, it's her play and her choice so we went with BLACK!

Mix well.

Add 1 teaspoon of Borax to 1/2 a cup of warm water
 and add slowly to the mixture.
Mix well. It will form immediately.

It has a crazy texture! It stretches!
It leaves prints and then they disappear!

Using cutters.

Using scissors to cut it.

of course this huge hand print isn't Sarah's,
 it is mommy's :)

Now, I love this part because it is purely Sarah's idea. I love kids' imagination. She told me she is mommy and preparing us a pizza (role-playing) and then, she changed her mind and decided she is grandma and she is going to feed all of us. She took her pizza to the oven and ...

Can you see she is wearing the gloves just in case it is hot?

She asked for a knife and she's cutting her pizza.

Here, she told me she cut her finger and it is bleeding just like daddy.
Well, this is a fake knife but she was imitating and role-playing!
Apparently, she was having fun
 and daddy hurt his finger before ;)
Later, Sarah talked to grandma, told her that she made us pizza like her and that she cut her finger like daddy. Grandma panicked and I had to show grandma all her fingers on the web cam to assure her that she didn't hurt herself, lol.
Thank you and come back soon. We still didn't run out of ideas or resources ;)


  1. Sarah has such a big imagination! I love the borax slime but I'm afraid Adrian would eat it! And after our oobleck experiment I think we'll wait before trying this, to see if he likes to get dirty in the future :P

    1. Actually it seems she has an obsession with pizza nowadays, everything revolves around her doing pizza, lol. She even feeds her baby doll pizza (I swear I don't do that with Farida, lol). I recently told PAHMs (Play at Home Moms) that I think I ruined my girls forever, my girl refuses to get dirty, wet, ...etc. They replied saying that it's time I should start modelling to them by jumping in the puddles and dirt with them :) So when Sarah refuses to touch something, I take it for myself and start playing with it, that usually does the trick. I have to do this oobleck thing in the near future, it looks like fun. I don't know about the recipe you used but I've a recipe I fell in love with and need to do. It is transparent glue and liquid corn starch.


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