Thursday, March 1, 2012

Simple, Cheap & Fun!

I wasn't in mood of preparing anything today but we spent most of the day reading, singing & dancing! But by the end of the day, we did something extra fun. It cost only $1 and I got it from the dollar aisle in Pathmark. It is fun, enhances fine motor skills, time consuming and requires a lot of concentration. You got to choose the appropriate shape with the appropriate size, peel it and put it in the right place. I couldn't believe how accurate she was.

Peeling it.

She had to put stars on her forehead, hands, my forehead and Farida's forehead.

Final work :)
I think I might use some of these on the plane ;)

Again, she chose the place.
 I think she chose this place so that she can be able to 
have access to it whenever she wants.

And here's my lovely 6 months old, Farida sitting up unassisted. She was crying here :'(

Thank you for being with us.


  1. Hiya, I really like your blog and I'd like to pass on the One Lovely Blog award. Sorry to do this in a comment box but I couldn't find an obvious way to contact you off line. http://tamingthegoblin.blogspot.com/2012/03/one-lovely-blog-award.html

    1. Oh, thank you "The Monko". I really appreciate it. I'm really new at this blogging world so I don't know to make you contact me offline but I'll figure this our for the future :)

    2. The easiest way to do it is to put an email address in your profile description. I opened a new gmail for my blog. And when you write it if you use [at] and [dot] in the address rather than the @ and . signs, it will stop computers being able to spam you. It just means other bloggers will be able to email you privately. Hope that helps

    3. Done, lol. Thanks again The Monko:)

  2. I cannot believe she did so well with the sticker activity! What she did putting all the stickers on you and her, that is all Adrian would do, none would have ended up on the car! I've come to the conclusion that both your girls are geniuses. And look at Farida sitting up! Oh my goodness. Her crying face breaks my heart!

    1. oh lol, thank you so much for thinking my girls are geniuses ;) I might be harsh a little but Sarah knows that if she misused her things, they are being put away for the following day . It is not meant to be a punishment but an appreciation for the things she has. I work on a very limited budget so I have to keep the things for as long as I can. I simply state my rules in the beginning before starting, finish this first and then do whatever you wish with the remaining stickers for example. Farida is such a happy laid back child, she hates doing any effort and that's why she was crying because she did not want to sit, she wanted to lay back and smile, lol. You gotta love her :)


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