Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Scary Feet,Scary Feet, Scary Feet!

Hi lovely faces,
Don't deny, I wasn't absent for long this time, LOL! Today's post come from my classroom :)
This our Course book in class. Module 4 unit 7 talks about body parts. Lesson C has a simple activity that asks students to make their own monsters out of play-dough.
Here is the deal:
The school provided each student with one block of not so safe play-dough. No googly eyes, nothing but this block that is supposed to magically turn into a monster :D Our students were never asked to do anything imaginary in their lives, they might be asked for a chart or something which mommy does of course :(
Our class rules rules were simple:

  • Don't put your hands or the play-dough in your mouth.
  • Students were divided into groups of 5s (Those 5 are supposed to come up with one big monster, this gave them also a variety to vary the colors)
  • I play soft music as a background. If it stops, it means I have an important notification for them to hear.
  • After they create their monster, we will gather in a circle and each student will describe his group's monster in one sentence (They were just introduced to have got/has got)
Of course, we were eagles hovering over their heads making sure no one forgets and puts anything in his mouth. Also, we had to show them other possibilities. For example, it was surprising to them that they could use their rulers to shape,carve, ...etc their play dough.

Yes, I love bragging about my students and my class. Yes, our students' monsters weren't the best if compared to other classes BUT it was their group work and their imagination! Our class was the only class that did this activity in groups while playing music with no help from teachers or mothers at home.
Currently, we are busy at home applying for Sarah in different schools! She is turning 4 in April! Wow, my big girl!
Thank you for being with us. Come back soon! We love seeing you here :)

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