Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Eid El Adha:)

Today we celebrated Eid El Adha (an Islamic feast) and pilgrimage, so I wanted to introduce this religious concept to Sarah. We watched a video in which she wasn't interested since she didn't understand what it was about, it was abstract to her but when it was time for fun, she didn't hesitate:) We made a mini Kaaba, sheep and little people doing the pilgrimage.

She was so excited with the little people more than anything else:) but when I made Farida participate in our Hajj experience (revolving around the Kaaba), Sarah was so excited and called grandpa to jump in and participate:) For the first time, I can say that these were my ideas except the sheep craft, i got it from this site: http://www.daniellesplace.com/html/sheepcrafts.html
After nap time, I wanted to introduce emotions to her so I thought about making it personalized. I saw this idea a long ago but don't remember where. We introduced only 2 emotions today: happy & sad

Then, we played with water, filling and dumping:

I tried to play a math game with her where I put big gems in a sock and make her guess the number through touching and sensing but she got very angry for making the gems disappear, I tried to show her how fun it is but it was going to rise into a fight so i let her play with the gems as she wants.
Sarah has a special passion for flowers, she passes by special flowers in a garden near us and whenever she sees these flowers, she greets them, tells them that she misses them and ask them not to be sad that she is leaving because she will be back so I thought about making a flower to her:

She didn't mind sharing it with little sister (for a very short while,lol)
That's all today.
Thanks for reading...


  1. You guys do so much during the day! You are putting me to shame. I love your ideas, the Kaaba and sheep is brilliant! Your girls are so precious :) Farida is lucky to have a nice big sister who shares!
    عيد مبارك‎


  2. first of all , i miss u so much but i even miss Sarah more. What a creative idea, dear ! I stopped at Sarah's love of flowers . She is so romantic as her mum . Ilove u both.


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