Friday, November 4, 2011

Sarah has an ear infection but ....

we still had lots of fun:)
Apparently, I am blogging more than I expected:) yesterday night, Sarah's temperature reached 102.8:( Poor girl was too tired to get out of bed today although she woke up at 6 a.m. Anyway, as soon as i told her we'll paint and have fun, she jumped out of bed:) Today, we were supposed to get to know letter "B". I showed it to her, showed her a small video about bees (since it start with "B") and made sure she understands that bees give us honey, made her taste it and she loved it and also made sure that she can recognize their colors. Then, I made her color a sheet, I am so proud that I could teach her to color within the lines to some extent:)

 Then, of course, she searched for letter "B" in our ABC letter soup but she insisted on taking out some "As" as well;)

and then, I showed her some cards of things that start with letter "B" like: banana, bee, butterfly, ball and a boat. Then, it just came to my mind out of no where to turn this boat thing into a mini-science lesson. I made her a paper boat, brought a tray and filled it with water and showed her that the boat floats but if we soaked it with water (she was so happy to add water to the boat), it gets too heavy and it sinks.

Then, it was craft time. We were supposed to make a bee and we did. Here are the visual steps with an explanation about what we did with every one:

I cut a yellow construction paper 1/3 and 2/3, Sarah glued its tip edge and mommy rolled it

We didn't have black construction paper for the strips so I thought we would paint the remaining 2/3 of the yellow construction paper with black but there was one problem, I almost never dirtied my hands with colors, food or anything and accordingly, I was always very careful that Sarah won't too but in reality, coloring isn't dirtying so I had to overcome my mental obstacle and just do it and let her do it, she hesitated at the beginning, she said, "mommy, my hands are dirty!" but when I reassured her that it was OK and that mommy's fingers were too and that we were going to wash them after that, she just sparkled with joy and was so happy as you can See from the pictures:)

Did you figure out the mistake we did from the pictures, nope?! OK, we cut the black colored construction paper into long strips and Sarah glued them but we glued them vertically and they were supposed to be horizontal, lol! Weird bee but it will work:) Sarah glued one wiggly eye and i glued the second one. And I added the foil wings:) Sarah insisted that it is a butterfly because it has wings and can fly but I convinced her that bees fly and have wings too but then she was sad that the bee we made didn't have legs, lol, funny girl!
You can see, she came up with the idea of using it as a bracelet and I think it is genius, of course, I am biased;)
Finally, we went through some flashcards for the numbers 6-10 and now, she knows them very well and again, we played the "feed the ants" activity. this time, after we finished, i made her collect the gems in the small net herself to help in eye-hand coordination. At 5, we had to go to her pediatrician and there, we read all the numbers we could find everywhere, in magazines, houses, parking cars, ...etc and she was so excited! We couldn't do anything else because we were out for a long time but sure, it was fun. I have huge plans for tomorrow but let's wait and see what will happen then:)
Thanks for reading:)


  1. So awesome Sherine! I love the pictures of her finger painting, I hate letting Adrian get dirty too, but it is so much fun! Until you have to clean up ;)
    The boat thing is genius! And I love that she picked out some letter A's for her bee paper as well, A is a great letter :P

  2. it is just great Shery.


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