Sunday, December 18, 2011

Not so yummy...Error Error!

We had fun laughing today, I bought today's kit from toysrus and it had sale 25% off so I got it for about $14 after tax. After our experiments today, I can tell you I could have invested this money in a cooking book, lol because basically there is nothing in there that is not in any one's kitchen but because I'm terrible in kitchen, I had no clue. Today's holiday theme was about sweets and candies. The worst thing about it was the taste, I don't know if the ingredients were not accurate or what but everything tasted terrible. However, we seriously LOLed for hours whenever we remembered the taste. here are the pictures:)

Pardon the mess!

Of course the one with the baking soda and vinegar is the one that has risen:)

Ended being in the garbage basket!!

Sarah has given up her afternoon nap for days now and she is asking for more play!!! How will I survive, lol?
Thank you for reading. have fun:)


  1. LOL! I love it! Her face when tasting from the test tube is HILARIOUS! What came in this kit? So funny!
    The cupcakes look really good! But I'll take your word for it :P Especially since they ended up in the garbage!!!

    You guys should make a gingerbread house next! Adrian did this today and had so much fun!!!

    Love it Sherine! I can't wait to see what is next!

  2. As I told you, we couldn't force ourselves to taste more so we stopped the experiments and ate something else :)The kit came with baking soda, citric acid, food flavors (watermelon, grape, rasperry), rainbow sprinkles, blue food coloring, litmus paper, labels, cupcake liners and of course the test tubes and stand:)

  3. The great part is that even though it was gross, you had fun together. :) She is so cute. I love her expressions.

  4. I totally agree Allison, it was the best and funniest failure ever:) We never laughed that much before! before the girls went to sleep, Sarah kept remembering and laughing again. She told what happened to daddy and grandpa:)


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