Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back To Egypt!

Happy New Year everyone!I missed blogging but did not get the chance to write anything. We finally arrived to Egypt. If you have no idea, it's a very long trip that takes 10-11 hours:( I had some activities prepared for Sarah to do on the plane so that she does not go crazy. Well, we did none. I hate narrow limited and crowded, which was the case on the plane. We didn't have space to move, with a toddler and a baby with their bags, it was impossible and I was getting so frustrated. I even had to jump to and from my seat to go to the bathroom because an old man was sitting next to us and he was uncomfortable moving that often. Thanks God, the girls fell asleep as it was almost bedtime. We haven't done any purposeful activities since we arrived except maybe singing, lol but what I believe in is that it is all about fun and the girls are having so much fun with daddy. Ah, it is a very passionate meet up. Daddy is so proud of his little girls and he can't get enough of them. He takes Sarah with him everywhere, even to his law office and court, lol. Mommy is studying and going through her exams now but I'm enjoying witnessing the interactions between them. We went to a birthday party. I didn't take many pictures but daddy did and since he is not home, I can't upload them now.

Regarding Sarah's behavior, let me tell you, she is way calmer and more well-behaved; maybe because she was restless away from her beloved daddy and now, she is settled now. Farida had her ears pierced:) but poor girl has cold. She can't be any sweeter:)
Thank you for reading.

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