Thursday, January 19, 2012

My exams are almost over!

Hi all,
I have one more exam only to finish but I couldn't hold my little darlings more than this:) SO, we're back to the fun. Keep in mind that I don't have access to all my materials and things here cost A LOT. Yesterday, I bought some colours, pencils, sharpeners, glue, a pair of scissors, some animal capsules (that grow in the water) and a small game (things that go together) containing only 20 pairs of flashcards and I paid almost L.E. 170. Also, I bought some things for a sensory tub and these cost me L.E. 68 so it is a little crazy but we're doing our best. I have a lot of observations I noticed in the last few days but I'll keep them for the end of the post. So here is what we did yesterday and today:
1- We played with a light pillow. This one is a gift I got from dad from the US. It was so much fun. We also threw it at each other as if we were playing with a ball. there were a lot of giggles.

Sarah also did some beading. This was a Dora foam beads I also got from the dollar store in the US.

Today, we started by doing some face painting. Sarah asked for a mirror to look at herself in the process. She found difficulty in standing still until mommy finished, lol.

 Then, she did some wood puzzle. This was one she had long ago and she was perfect at it  but she forgot all about her toys so she dealt with it with the same excitement of the first time. Unfortunately, there are a lot of missing pieces in it. I'll look for them later:)

Then, it was time to open the box of the things that go together. Now, let me say I regret buying it. It is too expensive, pictures are not very clear and I could have done a better job myself BUT in my defense, I had exams. I started by making Sarah identify the things she know and then I asked her about each picture on its own. For example, I held the tooth brush picture and asked her what goes with it, she pointed to the tooth paste picture and so on.

One of the pictures had a board on it so I thought about giving Sarah my white board and seeing hat she'll come up with. She could finally draw a circle, she drew a lot of inverted Cs :-) BUT seriously, look how she holds the marker, I find it amazing :-) The sun is mine ;-)

Finally, she helped me prepare some food.

The following are some random pictures for both girls.

^^^ At grandma's house.

^^^We all were playing with the ball, Farida shared :-)

^^^I am trying to make Farida practise holding and grabbing things, this is the only time she seemed interested. I gave her Sarah's box that had blocks and random stuff inside.

^^^Again, we were working on making her grab things, Sarah was there to help :-)

^^^With daddy on the beach.

^^^ At daddy's office.

Here are my observations:
Sarah was a little rebellious in the beginning, she didn't want to do anything herself, I think she just needed to adjust to the changes and have some alone time with daddy. She was also not used to the fact that people will pay attention to Farida so maybe, she developed some kind of temporary jealousy. Now, she's back to her normal self and we are all proud of her.
Also, she so into imaginative pretend play nowadays. We (daddy and I) are in the process of collecting her a real doctor's kit :) She feeds her dolls, burps them, changes them, takes them to the doctor and a lot more. I will have to come up with some things to feed this interest.
I think that is all for today. Thank you for your patience and for sharing us our fun moments.

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  1. So adorable Sherine! She is so smart. Your girls amaze me! YOU amaze me! I'm so glad to see you guys are still having fun in Egypt :)

    Good luck on your last exams!


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