Friday, January 27, 2012

Work in Progress!

Hi all,
I apologize again for being absent for a long time but a lot of things are going on all at the same time. First, we have a few days left here in Egypt so we are visiting family, relatives and friends. I was also busy preparing the girls' room. In Egypt, we don't have family houses so we live in an apartment. Ours is not spacious so their bedroom is their play room. It is still work in progress and we still have a lot to do but so far, we are happy with it. One thing I had in my mind while working on it, I wanted almost everything to be within the girls' reach. I am working on fostering their independence. I love seeing Sarah telling grandma or daddy that she can do it herself ;) I have also secretly prepared some activities for the few coming days.

Those things on the top have some of the secret activities I have prepared.
The speakers are for dancing/physical activities time

This closed box contains acrylic colors. The pencils, rubbers, glue, colors,
 face paints, piano and books are all within reach.


Here's the deal! Sarah snacks a lot so I thought about giving her the choice.
Everyday before she wakes up, I fill this plate with: bananas, apples, cheese, yogurt and chocolate milk.
She eats whatever she wants whenever she needs.
Sarah also loves perfume so I gave her her own :)

Sisters' love :)

Trying to make tummy time fun for Farida and we succeeded in it,
 you can tell by the smile on her face :)

Working on making Sarah color within the lines.

 The room still needs a small table with chairs for the girls, some jars with some sensory materials, personalized works, more books, photo frames and shelves. I'm sure it needs more but that's what is on my mind right now. We'll also replace the girls' beds with a bunk bed to save some more space. It surely needs something for their clothes,maybe some hangers (within reach) for their jackets or maybe a wardrobe. I don't know where it can fit but we'll manage. The best thing about this room is that it is very cozy and it smells amazing. So far, Sarah loves her room.
Did I tell you that Sarah bathes herself now? I fill the tub with water, watch her, demonstrate what she needs to do and she does it :) I am so proud of her. Farida also has just started sitting on her own, turning from tummy to back and reaching for things. Ah, I love watching my babies. Pardon me for including Sarah in the word "baby" but forever and always, she'll be my baby :)
Sorry for the rambling and thank you for reading.


  1. Yay you are blogging again! I love your set up. We recently did the same thing-made all of the boys' supplies within their reach. It is awesome. I wouldn't go back to how things were in a million years.

  2. I totally agree, Allison! The thing is that our stay here is temporary and I have to figure out a way to apply this in the US too. I sleep and dream about these organizations,lol.

  3. Sherine!! I love it! I have to ask though, keeping things in her reach, are you not TERRIFIED that there will be a mess? Especially with the paints/glue/etc? Adrian has his toys within his reach and I'm constantly picking up toys! Does Sarah pick up her toys yet?

    Love the tummy time activity for Farida <3 So sweet!

    1. Sarah picks up her own things, Liz. However, I just have to ask her. She knows where everything is supposed to be at home. When I went to the emergency room, I told my dad to ask Sarah if he didn't know where something is. On the first day of this set up, she asked my permission before she took anything but now, she does not ;)


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