Saturday, January 28, 2012


Today was all about emotions. I printed the materials from Here, thank you 2 Teaching Mommies. I don't have a laminator machine but I got a substitute from Egypt, adhesive transparent book covers, it's more work but so worth it. I wanted to do it with Sarah because I want her to be considerate of others' feelings including her sister. We covered only the following emotions: Happy, sad, angry, hot & scared. Here are the pictures:

We started by dancing and doing the actions of the song: "If you're happy"
I found this to be the longest one with the most number of actions.

Doing the happy face!

Doing the sad face!

Doing the angry face (looks like crazy face,lol)

Here, I introduced to her different situations
& she responded by choosing the face that
 represents the emotion suitable for the situation.

Some matching (she got bored of it so quickly)!

Some coloring!

And then it came to my mind to make her play with some balloons. I blew them and drew the emotion faces on them. She loved it!

Finally, she burst all the balloons and got sad, lol!
Thank you for reading.


  1. Sherine this is amazing. Sarah is so smart! I can't believe she shows the emotion so well! I love her angry face :P The balloons were genius!

  2. PS, Adrian likes the background to your blog :) (E! R! O! A bock! (block) That one!)


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