Tuesday, February 14, 2012


119 is the number of photos I have taken today,lol. I don't believe in Valentine's Day but I surely believe in love. My little Miss Sarah is a very passionate girl and I was sure she would love it. I'm adopting a new approach borrowed from PAHMs, this approach is all about "Yes, you can ....".  It is hard for someone like me, controlling in general, but it feels good. Thank you Play at Home Moms. I prepared a "love sensory tub". It is full of stuff and I think it cost a lot although 99% of it is from the dollar store but the amount of things put in there is huge. I love to put treats in my sensory tubs so that Sarah gets excited and more enthusiastic to search and dig more. This tub had hidden chocolate hearts, candies, heart bracelets and necklaces. We spent more than 2 hours on this one and we had to finish only because we were going to the pediatrician. Sarah was "loving" enough to share everything with me and with little sister, Farida. She gave me chocolates, candies and one pendant to wear. Here we go.
Dried flower petals and floral beads.

Plastic flower petals.

Cutters, stickers, hearts, chocolate hearts,
 love monkey from McDonald's, love dice, hair clips,
candles, flowers, heart pen, cup.

Hair clips, bracelets and pendants.

Love :)



Take one mommy!

Yes, you can wear Mommy's pendant.

I don't know why but every time she wore a piece of accessory,
she danced afterwards, lol!

She found the monkey and decided to sing "five little monkeys".
Here, she was bumping her head. My funny little girl!

Yes, you can stand in it.


This pen has a button which you press and the heart pops out:)
Brought from Egypt.

I don't know why but Sarah tends to taste and eat everything nowadays like she is one year old. I mean everything. Today, we were making a pizza and she tasted the dough, flour, tomato sauce, olives, mozzarella cheese, and every other thing. Here, she even tasted the candles!! I've read some where that when something is developing in the child's brain, the other parts tend to regress. I hope that is what is going on.

Thank God, this time it is chocolate.

Yes, you can wear this huge ring.

The beautiful red mess. Liz, she collected it afterwards and here the rule was simple:
nothing goes out of this sheet :)

Yes, you can wear this suit and take this cup to get the laundry from downstairs.

Getting ready to go to the pediatrician.

I can't thank you enough Allison, the wax paper tip was great!

She loved her table light and I was one proud momma :)

Decided to show Farida some love  on her bib :)

Trying to remove the plastic back  from the stickers.

Mommy, I could do it :)

Painting with black, she chose the color.

Removing the stickers.

Wow, hearts and lips :)

Yes, you can paint your hand with BLACK!

Making some hearty cookies.

Only one survived and kept its shape.

Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad it worked! I love the picture of your beautiful girls together. :)

  2. Sherine I absolutely love the sensory tub! It is amazing! You are such a genius, so much love thrown in there! I love the flower beads the most I think, they look so fun to dig through.

    AND Now I want chocolate and pizza, thanks!!! :P

    Sarah has the sweetest and most funny expressions, she's so perfect and smart! Thank you for taking so many pictures, there is a much needed smile on my face!!! <3

    1. Lol, Liz. Do you think I can make a pizza giveaway?


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