Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Light!

Farida was an active participant in our activities today. I loved her presence and Sarah loved it too. We prepared a mini quick sensory activity. A Ziploc bag, transparent gel, glitter and some miniature items and you have it. By the way, I don't edit or crop my pictures, I know I probably should but I don't. Ah, and she refused to change and insisted on wearing this toll costume again. and I said "Yes, you can."

Adding the gel.

Adding the glitter (gold & pink)

Shaking! I told her she can choose any 6 miniature items she wants.
She chose: two transparent boxes, lady bug, eagle, igloo and x-ray.

What is this?!

Fighting with the bag.

Trying to eat it.

And then we put all our miniature items on the light table and again, Farida participated. It was so much fun. here the pictures speak way better than words.

We finally played "I spy" on the board game and played a little with the magnetic dolls and clothes. I insisted she names every item she chooses.

Thank you for sharing our fun moments. Come back soon :)


  1. Sherine, this is adorable. I think this is the most creative sensory activity I have ever seen, and it looks so easy to do. Or you just make it look so easy! I actually might go to the store to get some gel and glitter now!!!

    And the light table too, that is going to be used SO MUCH!

    Farida is such a little learner! Oh my goodness! You are setting her up to be so smart!!!!

    1. Do it Do it Do it! Farida is the sweetest little girl on the block, she is calm and learning a lot inside, KWIM?


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