Monday, March 5, 2012

Felt Craft!

Today we were out and about so we did nothing but yesterday night, Sarah wanted some more play and mommy couldn't say no. We did a felt craft from the dollar store as well. It does not require any sewing (as it is adhesive) but I think it improves fine motor skills as well. I gave only guidance and Sarah did the rest. The best part is that Sarah gave it afterwards to Farida to play with and when I took it from Farida later for Sarah to enjoy a little, Farida cried and Sarah insisted to give it back to her as "She is small mommy, she can play with it a little more:)". You got to love this big-hearted girl of mine. Here:

Don't underestimate child's intelligence, 
I didn't tell her she has to roll it to squeeze it in. She figured this out on her own .

Cross-eyed kitty cat :)

Farida won't let go.

And then it was bath time, we played a little with water beads (I didn't like the idea afterwards because i don't have a net to collect all these beads so it was huge effort for us) and glow sticks.

Sometimes, you need not to give any instructions or guidance and let the child do whatever he/she wishes with his own work even when you are a perfectionist. Why? For the child's sense of pride ,  accomplishment and creativity. One day, this child will do things the right way and you'll miss all the imagination and wildness. Here is something Sarah came up with using tissue papers:

Yes, you can wear your sunglasses at home at night :)

Her version of rainbow :)

Some extra cutting ;)

Thank you for joining us, come back soon.


  1. I love that you let her do things her way! That is so great. And her kitty cat turned out amazing!!! Great job little Sarah!

    We played with the water beads in the tub the other day, such a pain to collect them all so the little pieces didn't go down the drain!!!!!

    1. I try as much as I can to let her do the things her way and I'm glad (don't hate me) that I wasn't the only one who was in pain for collecting the water beads from the tub, lol :p


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