Thursday, March 8, 2012

Over Dose!

Today, we had over dose of fun. We played from noon till night. Today, we were talking about Rainbows, Rain and Rabbits. Yes, it is letter "R". I wrote letter "R" on her black board and then we searched for it in our alphabet soup.

This is the first time Sarah does do-a-dots. She loved it. She was using a different color for each dot and then, she became obsessed with the green color.

Remember a month ago when we tried the tracing thing and it was a total failure, guess what? She did it today. Not perfect but she did it and I'm one happy mama :)

This was also the first time Sarah uses a stamper, it came with the rainbow pegs. It has a transparent peg to which you attach the letter. It has the ink and the alphabets.

So mommy, "R" is for ......

1. Rainbow colors!

This is colored tissue paper.

Cotton balls & glitter glue.

2. Rain drops.

3. Rabbit.

I don't know whether this is a coincidence or not but we do both the letter and its sound at the same time and Sarah told me it is the same as that in "Sarah" and "Frog".

I gave the rainbow sensory tub another try and you dear friends were absolutely right,
she had fun as if it was brand new.

This was at night, she asked to play some more.
I couldn't say no. 
I drew a rainbow, made its outlines and Sarah was supposed to 
put the appropriately colored sequin on the right color.

She was apparently sleepy and tired so that's all what she did but she got it right :)

She also played some more with the play-dough. 
This time, she was more creative.

Also, I printed these cards from this wonderful site. It is free. I laminated them. gave them to Sarah and asked her to pick only two cards. I took her two cards and we started talking about the pictures. I asked questions and she answered and then we said the whole thing again but this time, without questions. 

The following pictures were taken yesterday.

At the park on the big kids' swing :)

Yes, you can climb the tree.

I'll climb it mommy when I grow up a little now but for now, 
the baby doll can do it for me ;)
^^^These were her actual words, lol.

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and Sarah literally can't sit still on a chair for over than 10 seconds so i had to keep her busy. I brought another felt kit and she did a frog for her sister. After we got back home, she gave Farida the cat and took the frog ;)

Now, family members accuse me of not giving Farida as much attention as Sarah but Come on, this blog is about our learning and playing journey and Farida is still immobile. She learns through her senses, she touches, listens to us singing and looks at what we are doing. That's why she is taking more part in the sensory activities but she is ALWAYS with us. So for my lovely family, here are a few pictures for Farida with her lovely charming smile.

Thank you for sharing our fun moments and please, come back soon.


  1. I loooove these activities. So much for one day! Do you never get tired? Sarah is so lucky. And Farida's smile melts my heart!
    I especially love the sequins rainbow! And Sarah's happy face with her frog. She's amazing. You're amazing!!!

    OH! And yay for tracing! And the dots! She did SO WELL! Adrian just smashes it around everywhere :P

    1. I get tired but I get more tireed when Sarah is doing nothing, kwim ;) The thing is that her first question in the morning is, "Mommy, are we going to play today?" and that makes me happy :)

  2. So much fun! I love the R with the clouds and rain. We are working on rainbows, too. I have too many ideas, and too little time, LOL. I know what you mean about Farida. Check this out: http://his4homeschooling.blogspot.com/2012/03/baby-treasure-basket.html Such a great idea!

    1. Thank you so much Allison for the link. I've to find more time for Farida. My major problem is that Sarah doesn't nap anymore and it is only the three of us but I'll figure it out. I started rainbows a while ago, I still have some more ideas but I think I'll flow with something else.

  3. Lovely to see you at the Kids Co-op - thanks for joining in. I especially love the rainbow collage you made :)

  4. so much wonderful fun and learning. We made an "R" painting this week too. I love your ideas and will be providing more opportunities like that for my little "R" here! http://wormseye-view.blogspot.com/

    1. Thank you Pip. I'll be reading your blog tonight :) I hope you find more ideas here that you'd like.

  5. Beautiful girls. Love the variety in your activities.


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