Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring is Here

Don't you love spring? I wish the whole year would be just spring. We went out to have some fun, we observed the baby flowers, we played in the gardens and it was so relaxing.
I had a Spring sensory tub prepared for Sarah,  it cost me only $2 since I had most of the items already. I only bought a wooden bird's tree house from the dollartree store and the Easter grass. 
Here is what's inside:

  • Trees & palm trees
  • flowers (foam, crystal, artificial, plastic, bracelet)
  • plant pot & seeds
  • pine cones
  • ladybug, worm & grasshopper
  • butterflies 
  • A bird & a wooden bird tree house

I covered her eyes, I wanted her to use her sense of touch to guess what the item was. She tried to peek some looks and after less than 5 minutes, she told me that she doesn't like playing that way so we removed it.

Can I shower in the grass mommy?

Then of course, we had to get messy and color the wooden bird house.

Finally, some red!

Here are some more pictures form our days out:

Farida's first time on the swing, 
she loved it.

Sarah was taking very good care of her little sister, 
telling me to be careful with her and to slow down not to scare her.

How did she get that big?
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed.


  1. Omg Farida is so big!!! I can't believe it! She was just a newborn like two seconds ago, what happened?

    I love that you had the blindfold on Sarah! And she's such a sweet little girl. The spring sensory tub is brilliant!

    1. I agree Liz, where did my baby go :'( ?


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