Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

As you knew from the previous post, we'll be one day late in our posts so for instance, Mad Science Sunday will be written on Monday morning. 
So what happened yesterday? A lot of fun and giggles :)
I had this idea in my mind for some time now and finally got to implement it. I asked Sarah to bring her book "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and brought our sensory caterpillar (brought from the dollar store) and began. I got some sources from Here and Here.
Mommy began telling the story, Sarah shared the caterpillar with Farida. As they were touching it, I pointed to the different textures.

An egg on a leaf.

I then asked Sarah to bring the fruits that were mentioned in the story if she had any in her toys :)

Searching for them.

Matching the items with the cards.

Mommy was still narrating the story and Sarah pointing to what mommy says in her card.

And then, she told me to wait, went to her hair accessories and brought her butterfly :)

We made the cards into a chain for later use ;)

And then, I gave Sarah coloring pages and asked her to hole punch each according to the number she finds on it which the caterpillar has eaten. She did pretty well. 
p.s. Sarah couldn't use the hole punch in the beginning so we practiced some before even reading the story until she got the hang of it.

Now, it was coloring time of course. I was very determined this time to make Sarah try to color in between the lines and she did. Here's a tip. Before, when Sarah did anything she considered wrong and panicked, I used to tell her that there was no problem. Sarah started saying "No problem" for every and anything so we switched these words and they had a magic effect. Instead of saying "No problem", we say now "we'll be more careful next time:)" It really helped make a huge difference.

Very focused.

She was tired by the fifth coloring page, lol.

But mommy wasn't tired and knew how to get the spirit back ;) I don't like relying on theoretical studies only. We had to put them into action so we headed to the supermarket looking for all the things that the caterpillar ate with the cards chain in our hands (I told you, we'll use it later). We touched and smelled every one and to make it more fun, we said we'll run and see who spots it first. Of course, I knew where everything was but I pretended I did not and let her see it first. Here you can ask many questions about the colors and the numbers that the caterpillar ate (for memory purposes).

The only thing that we didn't find was "plums" and it was my opportunity to ask her to see if she noticed. She did notice but couldn't remember the exact word but now she does :)

To have some more fun (which turned out to be torture for mommy, thanks to you Liz, lol), we decided to make some cupcakes using marshmallow fondant. Well, I didn't imagine that it has so much sugar (I told you I sucked in the kitchen), I'm sure this is why I hate cakes. Second, after finishing, I came to huge appreciation for you guys who can do it (including you Liz) and for the bakers, I'll pay for the next cake with no regrets :)

of course, there had to be lots of tasting :)

Forgot to mention, in the kneading process, we both hated it. Sarah was about to cry from the very sticky texture. I knew I must have done something wrong but didn't care anymore because I wanted to be done :( 

Finally back to some fun :)

Our sick Caterpillar, lol.

She liked it, mommy almost puked from this much sugar.

Note that Sarah doesn't eat that much sugar ever (except with grandma and aunts ;) but I don't mind giving it to her from time to time so it was her treat for the hardworking day.
Thank you for being with us and again, I hope you enjoyed.


  1. I love that you went to the grocery store to look for these items. Very cool.

  2. LOL! I love you Sherine! I cannot stand the taste of fondant, of course Adrian doesn't mind it too much. I peel it off the cake before I eat it (not that I eat much cake anymore! :( )

    I love love love the caterpillar activities and you made it soooo special with a trip to the grocery store!

    I can't believe Sarah colors so well in the lines, she amazes me!

  3. What a cute idea. We are working on a felt story board for this book. The grocery store was a great idea for her to relate to the real thing.

    1. Thank you Tera, I'm so glad you liked it. Please, post me a link once you finish your felt story board :)

  4. What great ideas! I love all of Eric Carle storybooks. I think that it's fantastic that you went to the grocery store to look for items to tie this lesson together. Thank you for linking up to my Enchanted Thursdays Blog Hop this week!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment :)

  5. What a great day! I love that you went to the market to find all the foods. She'll remember that for a long long time!

    1. She mentions it everytime we go there, thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Stopping by from Preschool Corner link up. I've been collecting ideas to do a unit of Eric Carle and I really like some of your ideas!

    I have a love/hate relationship with marshmallow fondant! Lol. I hate making it, but I love the way cakes look once it's all said and done. I made my oldest daughter a princess cake a few years ago for her birthday using it(here is the link to what it looked like when I was done: http://reachtothemoonandback.blogspot.com/2009/02/my-first-attempt.html ). It took me 3 days to make that cake! lol Needless to say, I have either NOT used fondant when I make their birthday cakes since then, or I have paid someone else to make them! lol

    1. What?!!! Dusty, are you serious? Was this your first attempt? OMG, I'm such a failure, lol and you are amazing. Thank you for stopping by :)

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