Monday, March 19, 2012


went wrong...
You read that right. Everything went wrong. Yesterday was Mad Science Sunday but nothing worked for us :) We started by trying the soda shake up. In this experiment, we were supposed to pour soda into a baby bottle, shake it, the bottle's nipple will blow, we shake the sides of the bottle and the soda won't spray us when opened. Well, it didn't happen. Nothing blew and soda kept spraying us from the bottle tip. I even wanted to show her how shaking the soda this way would cause it to shower us if opened but this even didn't happen. Maybe it was because we used soda from a 3 liter bottle that was previously opened, maybe the bottle's nipple hole was too wide. I don't know!

Then, we wanted to do the anti gravity water but again. it didn't work. In the original video, water went through the handkerchief to the glass but when inverted, water did not fall down challenging the rules of gravity. Again, it didn't happen. this time it was probably because the handkerchief was really thick that didn't let water pass through it to the glass in the first place. It wasn't really a handkerchief but a kitchen towel. Does anyone still own handkerchiefs?

wearing mommy's T-shirt thinking it would be messy.

Finally, we tried the raining rainbows experiment. You bring a glass container, add shaving foam and then add drops of food color and you are supposed to watch it raining rainbows. It worked for a very short period of time before Sarah started dipping her pipette too hard that she pushed the foam down and the water got turbid :)

We rewarded ourselves with these lollipops although they weren't that beautiful ;)

Farida and Sarah played a little and Farida got so excited. I gave it to Farida at first but Sarah saw it and came running from the next room to share. She then inverted the whole thing :)

Don't give up on us and don't get disappointed, errors happen and it's OK, lol.
Thank you and come back soon.

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  1. I love this Mad Science Sunday! :) Even if everything went wrong it looks like you guys still learned and of course had fun!! <3


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