Thursday, April 26, 2012


Yesterday, we had another Arabic letter. It is Baa'. Baa' is for bab (door), bortokala (orange), baghbaghan (parrot) and baba. Sarah also circled the words that begin with letter Baa', she did some tracing and amazingly, she could write it on her own. What??? This little girl couldn't trace a couple of months ago!!! 
Even her drawings became understandable. However, I don't interfere in her free drawing. I don't imply or guess what she is drawing, I just mention some facts like, "I see you're using the purple color." and " I can see your circle" and by then, she would tell me what she is drawing. She loves her drawings and is so creative in her mind. Today, she drew what I thought was a face (on my mind of course), I could see the eyes, nose and mouth and out of nowhere, she drew crazy curls, I told myself this is hair for sure but no, she told me she drew an ugly monster :)


She kissed daddy <3

Can you see her tracing and the letters she drew?

As I told you, I've been preparing for a big theme, one that will occupy us for weeks, maybe even a month! I am almost ready for it so we might start working on it tomorrow or after tomorrow. We'll see!
Thank you for joining us, come back soon.

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