Monday, April 30, 2012

Me On the Map!

We are continuing "All About Me" theme. Today was hilarious, you'd see through the pictures. I think a lot of blogs covered "Me on the map" posts but I found it first on Counting Coconuts. Of course, on Counting coconuts, it is way neater than ours :) Anyway, as you know, we go back and forth between Egypt & U.S.A. so we have 2 continents, 2 countries, 2 homes but one planet ;) so there were 2s of everything. In the cities, we added famous things that mark both cities we live in. I don't want to talk much, let the pictures speak, please notice that the pictures are in random order, of course I had to erase some personal details like street name for personal concerns:

My Continents!

This is the facial expression she gave every time 
she tried to remember the word: 

Then, she found it hilarious :)

Of course she loves adding stickers!

Glue Mania!

She actually told me: No, this is not Earth, this is a ball, lol.

Final product!

Thank you for joining our fun and i really hope you've enjoyed.


  1. Of course, I can go back to the original post and edit but I just forgot to mention that this project will always be in Sarah's bag.

  2. She's so smart!! This is such a neat project! I'm so glad you shared it at Teach Me Tuesday!!

    1. Carla, I think all kids at young age are very smart, even smarter than we think they actually are and I said at young age because it is the time before school rigid system and peers' influence affect them ;)


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