Friday, May 4, 2012

Computer Crash!

I apologize in advance for being absent for long times. This time might extend a little bit. Sarah dropped apple juice on the computer keyboard and it no longer works. I'm using my dad's laptop to write you this but I don't have access to it all the time. We'll be doing our usual fun lessons and whenever I find the chance to post about it from here, I will. Ordering a new keyboard will take 2-3 weeks with standard shipping and by then, we'll be getting ready to go back to Egypt for my exams.

Also, I have to tell you about new changes over here. Sarah is 3, I thought it was called terrible 2s but no, welcome to the 3s. She is going through the process of destroying almost all of her toys and no, I don't find it funny or OK, simply because I don't have the money to get another one, everything is a "no no" now. So many tantrums and protests, so we are going through a rebellion here. I wonder how the teenage years will be like!!! Yesterday for example, she was jumping happily over the bed. She asked my why I'm keeping the bedroom door open, I told her because I needed some fresh air and to please, keep it open. She stopped jumping, went to the door and slammed it shut!!! What? There are way more things that come of out of nowhere. God bless us all!

Thank you for understanding and please, come and check from time to time, at least to make sure I survived all this ;)

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