Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sink or Float?

I guess the title says it all. Not something new but it is so much fun for kids. I asked Sarah to bring whatever object she wants and tries it and asked her some questions: whether she thinks it will sink or float? if it matched her guess? Why does it think? or why does it float? She didn't know the answer of the last two questions so I asked her to carry her flip flops and then to carry her desk. She couldn't carry the desk, I asked her why and she said because it is heavy. I told her that this was the reason why things sink or float. I know there is a more complicated theory behind that "Density" but I don't think it is relevant to an almost three-years old. Farida had so much fun, she really enjoyed and didn't want me to remove things at all. Here:

We even tried paper.

Then we played a little with this. I consider it a sensory tub. Things/animals found in icy places are in there. This has been in my freezer for over 2 weeks now. Sarah broke the ice block with a hammer. Do not do that if you do not feel comfortable with it. I know my kid is very cautious with these things.

Adding Salt.

Sarah's Birthday is on Wednesday. I can't believe my little sweetheart is turning 3. I can't promise we'll be very active the coming days. I know we'll have a birthday related sensory tub and an Arabic lesson. The Birthday party won't be held on Wednesday however, I know I'll be busy preparing for it. 
Thank you for joining us, we are looking forward to your next visit.

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