Saturday, April 7, 2012

Times Square!

Yesterday, Sarah and I went to times Square together. To get there, we rode the bus, ferry and subway train. Sarah was so excited about it. needless to say, she behaved very well :) I'm sure I'll come up with an activity about this theme in the next few weeks, we'll see. 

A big fish tank at the ferry!

Very distant but if you can't recognize it, 
it is the statue of liberty!

I didn't imagine she would accept to go beside him 
but she continues to surprise me.

Again, not expected!

Watching from a distance!

No, mommy. I can't do it! Too scary!

She refused even approaching, I lifted her up and she was really scared,
I could feel her hands on my neck. However, she waved "goodbye" when we were leaving ;)

The Magic Mirror in Disney Store that tells stories :)

The amazing Disney Store played cartoons for little kiddos.

I was more surprised to see Sarah getting along with other kids. She was always very cautious in approaching others but not yesterday ;) However, she refused to take a photo with Minnie, maybe because it was at the beginning and she was still scared.
Thank you for joining us. Please, come back soon.


  1. So much fun Sherine! Lucky little girl. I love New York. It was fun to see you guys in the same spots I took Adrian (at 3 months old only of course!) He would love that now!

    1. Of course he would and this is another reason why you have to come and visit us ;)


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