Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Free Painting Mess & Egg Hunt!

I can't believe I've let this mess take place under my roof, I cringe at the thought of it and now, I have a spotted carpet which refuses to get cleaned, lol. But, it was fun (for Sarah ;) It was free painting on wax paper. I provided Sarah with other things than brushes hoping she would explore them but she couldn't care less until I pointed to them and suggested them. Here:

Farida participated too but I had to stop her after a short while because all she did was put the paints in her mouth, yes, they are non toxic but still, I don't feel comfortable.

Using a toothbrush.

So at this point, we had colored hands, feet, clothes & carpet.

We put this gel stickers on the window.

Then of course, it was bath time. so why not make it adventurous? Again, we don't celebrate Easter and I didn't tell Sarah about it but I simply asked her to collect the plastic eggs. First, I added the grass (I know it should have been more but I didn't have more) and then I added the eggs. Of course, they floated so I added some pebbles to some of them so that they sink.

Easy to collect the grass afterwards.

These were at funworks last Friday, Farida enjoyed too :)

My princess noticed the sunflowers in the garden and went to sit by them touching them softly.


  1. What fun! Love the bath idea!

  2. I love that you put the grass in the tub!!! It looks like you guys had fun! I might have to do the same with Adrian tomorrow, I am so excited for our egg hunt! And Farida is so cute eating the paint :P

    1. So how did it go with your egg hunt, Liz?

  3. Looks like your kids had a blast!


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