Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shaving Cream Exploration!

Finally, we are back to the US and I have finished all my exams! I'll assume you wonder what I did in them, so I am going to tell you I did fine :) As usual, Sarah is sick, very sick indeed! Fever, mouth sores, vomiting and finally eye infection, her left eye is wild red :( Poor girl couldn't get out of bed the last few days so I took advantage of her getting a little better today and we played. From now on, Farida will be part of every activity we do, she is big enough (to me) to be able to enjoy the fun with us!

So, today we thought about exploring "shaving cream". We'll explore more fun ways to use it in the coming days. We only used it once in the past to write the alphabets on it. Today, we "explored" its slippery part. Not a break through, not a very innovative idea but so much fun, very simple and inexpensive ($1), ah and there were lots of giggles.
Color mixing!

The best part was when Farida was trying to crawl and kept slipping. Also when Sarah was doing her role as the big sister and brushing all the shaving cream on Farida.

Shaving cream + food colors = fun + water = very clean bath tub !

Thank you for not giving up on us and joining our fun!

1 comment:

  1. Their whole lives, they are going to have so much fun together. And be best friends. <3


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