Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Curriculum Progress!

I am still working on our Curriculum. Did I ever mention how much I love Pinterest? So many ideas, crafts, everything you can think of. Yes. let's admit it, some ideas are "no way I can do that" but it is still brilliant and if you're like me, care about the process and not the product, then you'll have so much fun.

When I am planning our Curriculum, I keep in mind a few things:
 First, it has to be comprehensive. Whatever theme we'll be working on, it has to cover English lessons, Math, Geography, Science, Arabic lesson and of course, its reflection in our holy book: Qur'an.

Second, I have a preschooler in hand and a toddler still discovering everything so it has to include: crafts, sensory activities, experiments, role playing, practical life, songs, body movements, books, a few sheets and lots and lots of laughter.

Third, although there is a time frame for every theme, it is still not a strict one. I mean, if we found something to be really interesting and we want to invest more time on it or even redo some of the activities, then why not? If we found something boring and we wanted to skip it, then let's move to something else. The main aim here is to create a love for learning in these young, loving and curious souls.

Fourth, this Curriculum is to cover the whole year, 12 months. We won't be locked at home studying 24/7, it is a flexible process as mentioned before, everything we encounter on our way is a learning opportunity so why not invest it?

So, here is a list of the themes we are planning to cover in a random order:

  • Back to School (actually, let's start school :)
  • Apples
  • Body care
  • Transportation
  • Eed El Adha & Pilgrimage (a Muslim feast)
  • Halloween & Monsters
  • Seasons & Weather
  • Emotions
  • Thanksgiving
  • Animals (sea animals, forest animals, polar animals, pets, wild animals, farm animals)
  • Christmas
  • Solar system, Space & Robots
  • Human Body & 5 senses
  • Food/Nutrition
  • Circus
  • Valentine
  • Musical instruments
  • Safety
  • Easter
  • Professions
  • Time
  • Sports
  • Pirates
  • Fourth of July
  • Ramadan ( Muslim holy month)
  • Eed Elfetr (another Muslim feast)
You can check some of these ideas repinned on my Pinterest Boards so that the creators of these wonderful ideas can get credit for their own work.

Thank you and come back soon.

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  1. Sounds like you and the girls will be having a lot of fun. :) <3


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