Thursday, August 9, 2012

A short post!

Busy busy busy days here! Busy & boring, too! I have already set the outline for our curriculum (which is the only fun part for me) but still gathering the materials and we are PACKING! Yes, we still have one whole month before we travel back to Egypt and settle there for a year or two but we already have a lot of things to do, doctor appointments, shopping for friends, visits, ...etc. So, I started packing early for the first time in my life because I already feel overwhelmed and I don't want to forget anything. So, there probably won't be anymore posts until we return back home and finish unpacking and organizing the kids' room.

I try my best to play with Sarah and Farida daily before sleep time, simple things that make them happy. We do pretend tea parties, football, rough play and tickles. These things keep them sane ;) Sarah is so excited to be helping me in packing but we are already short in materials as most of them are already in bags.

Although you might not care that much about the details but I will say them anyway :) We will leave on September 9th and arrive at Egypt on the 10th (12 hours trip+ 5 hours to my city). I will go back to work the following day Spetember 11th and I will have only 5 days before actual school starts and students are back to school so I have only these 5 days to get organized at work and at home, how? No idea but I will find a way, God willing, with the help of my amazing husband and wonderful friends at school!

This is a list of the things I wish I could get before leaving and this, I don't have the money for them yet and probably won't have all of them but I will try to sell them of the items that I won't use anymore on craigslist and get those with the money if I was lucky enough.
Anyway, I will miss you until then, Wish us luck. I will try to keep our Facebook page running. Talk to you soon.

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