Monday, October 29, 2012


Hi friends,
I was debating whether to write this post or not. It has been staying in my drafts for some time now. I am not a super mom or a super wife. My home is a mess most of the days! I don't play everyday. I don't do things perfectly and I don't lead a perfect life. I use cheap supplies and will continue using them because I believe learning doesn't have to cost much . This is probably not the perfect blog! I work 6 days a week and I wake up at 6 am everyday and sleep at 1 am (I nap for an hour). I try to feed my family home-made food because I know that I cook tasty foods better and healthier than those fast foods ( Yes, I have learnt this thing FINALLY). Yes, my kids get to watch TV when I have to clean or cook and yes, sometimes their conversations seem too much for me. But guess what? They do love me and think I am perfect. My husband thinks I am doing a great job raising them and running our house. So, I choose to focus on the positives!

However this decision wasn't an easy one, I struggled with guilt first. I struggled with competing the perfect Pinterest where everything is glowing and shining, I struggled with those who seem to be able to get it all under control. I struggled with my metal demons but today, I don't struggle anymore! I choose not to. My kids are happy, they trust me and tell me all their day details, we laugh and joke and dance. We spend a movie night every week together having popcorn in our hands and laughing hysterically and to me, THAT IS ALL WHAT MATTERS!

I apologize if this blog disappointed you at any point, I apologize I don't post as much as expected, I apologize my photos are never perfect but this is my trial and error journey around which this blog was created.

Thank you for listening!



  1. I always enjoy reading your posts. Family is always number one and that shows who you are and where your priorities are.

    1. Yes yes and yes! My family is and will always be my number one! How much I love them!


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