Tuesday, November 6, 2012

More Monsters!

Hi all,
Today's post is as late as usual but I know you'll excuse me this time, poor baby Farida was hospitalized for 2 nights. We are glad we are back home and she is safe in her family's arms.
This is what we did just on Halloween's day: Sarah created her own monsters, I did only one, can you guess which one?

Then we turned on the black light and danced with Sarah and Farida wearing their hairy head bands that glow in the dark :)

 We also did some glowing in the dark erupting volcanoes, pardon the pictures but it's hard to take a photo while stopping Farida from shooting everything down and helping Sarah all at the same time.

And these were some erupting volcanic monsters ;) We loves these!

Thank you for being with us. Come back and visit soon :)


  1. Haha! I love them! The pumpkins are so cute :)

  2. I thought the monsters were pumpkins. Shows how much sleep I get :P

  3. I am glad that Farida is no longer in the hospital and is able to be home. Erupting volcanic monsters sounds so fun for a Halloween theme! I love the glow in the dark dancing fun.


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