Friday, November 9, 2012


Hi all,
Today, I am not presenting an activity I did with my kids, I am just grateful and thankful and it is also not about Thanksgiving! 

In the 3 days when Farida was hospitalized, I've seen the best gestures of generosity and love from my family, friends and students.

I am GRATEFUL for my beloved husband, the best dad in the whole world, who was literally crying to see his baby connected to IVs. He also stayed with Sarah and took good care of her taking her daily to her daycare and then taking her to come and visit us. He also brought me food everyday to the hospital ;)

I am also GRATEFUL for my family, mainly my mom and sisters who gave me advice, stood by my side and checked on us every minute of the day. 

I am GRATEFUL for my friends who didn't let me sleep because they were calling every few minutes to check on me and on my baby, lol! Yes, I couldn't sleep because of all the phone ringing but I knew how much we mean to you and it made me happy! Even my online friends included us in their prayers and were worried about us!

Most important, I am so GRATEFUL for my students! Yes, my students! I was absent from school for 3 days. They are only 6 & 7 years old. They asked about me every single day and were sad that I didn't show up. They even sacrificed their break time to prepare me a welcome back surprise and this really made me cry tears of joy and appreciation. Class J 1/C, you are the best class in the whole world!

Thank you God for putting these wonderful people in my life journey, thank you!

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