Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Crafty Mama!

Hello my friends,
I don't know what happened to me but I decided out of nowhere to be crafty, lol! Yes, I am that crazy ;) Maybe what inspired me is that I re-arranged/organized/cleaned my home and decided to add a simple but magical touch to it. Decor in Egypt is way expensive whether it is ready-made or the materials needed for it so I thought about doing my personalized cheap and classy version of crafts (using some of the materials I had on hand from before). Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration. 

First, let's see some before/after or just after pictures of my cleaned rooms:

before (kitchen)
After (kitchen)

kids room

In the bathroom, I made this heart frame using pebbles, my mirror was frame-less and ugly. I used sea shells and pebbles to frame it and what a huge difference. A flower here and there made a huge difference.


Yes, I glittered these glasses (God, I love them)
Mod podge + glitter 

I also made 2 wreaths, one for the girls room and one for our door. I couldn't believe how easy and simple they were and also, cheap. This is what I used:

and this is how they turned out to be:

Needles to mention that the girls love them and my husband is proud of me :)
Thank you for visiting.


  1. Adorable ideas. I never buy glitter buy I might have to now!

    1. I wish I could glitter the whole world, lol. I am glad you liked them.


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