Monday, April 29, 2013

Egyptian Easter!

Hi friends,
How are you doing?
In Egypt, we have a kinda of different Easter. First off, it is on a different day. Ours will be the coming Monday. Second, it is a national holiday. Although it is a Christian celebration but Muslims and Christians get this day off. Also, some of the Muslims do some of its traditions on that day like egg dyeing. It is mainly to celebrate spring.
For this celebration, I prepared this sensory tub for Sarah and Farida. It was really a hit. After a while, they stopped exploring the tub and started throwing the papers at each other and on mommy while giggling so hard. It was really fun. All the items included in this tub were items I had on hand so it cost me nothing.The tub included:

  • Plastic eggs
  • rubber bunny
  • feathers
  • rabbit
  • chick
  • flowers
  • shredded colored paper
  • a small ladybug

Farida doesn't speak yet, she only says, "Mama, baba, tah (which means open in Arabic), bah (which means all done)" and that's all. I think this causes her a lot of frustration. She cries for the tiniest reasons nowadays. 
Thank you for being with us. Please, come back soon.

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