Saturday, June 29, 2013


Dear friends,
Back to our normal blogging posts that revolve all about my kids.
Summer has started and we will enjoy a little break around here as mommy will be more available.
Sarah will be a kindergartner this year :D My big girl <3 <3 She went through a stage were she was so rebellious. looking thoroughly into it, I think it was her way of telling me I was away from her and that she needed me. Sarah is so clingy to me and sometimes, this makes me worried.

Farida is taking us on a roller coaster, every minute is totally different from the previous one. Sometimes, she is so peaceful, others, she screams and punches us for no apparent reason. Sarah also responds to these mood swings differently; sometimes she accepts them kindly and others, she is not tolerant enough to take it. Farida has finally started saying some words, a lot of words and we are happy because of it.

I have some old pictures about activities we have done or places we have visited and I'd like to share them with you.

Dough cutter stamping!

See Farida's expression!

You got to love her smile :)

Melting beads!

That was in Easter!

Sisters' Love!



Thank you for joining us! We hope you enjoyed. Come back tomorrow, fourth of July is really close ;)


  1. Lovely photos. I do not know they reminded me of those days when u were abroad and u used to send me such nice photos. I love them bec they r urs. May allah grant them happiness . Rabena ye5alehomlek ya rab . Love u ..

  2. My little cutie pie , farida ♥♥♥ rabena y7emeehom ya rb w ye5aleehom :)


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