Saturday, June 29, 2013

Unfortunately, every journey comes to an end ...

and our summer school journey had reached its end...
Hey friends,
You have no idea how much the end of our summer school has made me sad. yes, it was hectic and exhausting but we really enjoyed every second of it. I have made new friends and I have discovered my little brothers who are always very concerned about me.
On the last day, we hosted a small party and we have co-operated with McDonald's. We were all very nervous and we might have lost it a couple of times but I refer this to our hidden feeling of sadness that we didn't want to show, it is like hidden anger but at the end of the day, my little brothers surprised us, teachers, with something really special. Here:

They were generous enough to celebrate with us, to remember us, to try to cheer us up, to bring us a cake with our names on it. They made our day! I was speechless! Miss Hoda's eyes were filled with tears! Everyone was over the moon! 

I would like to send them a message through this page, 
You are the best. You might be young but you have big and kind hearts. I don't think I will ever be able to forget you even if I tried. As I told some of you before, you will make future great husbands and fathers. You really are the future of this country. Thank you for trusting me and for helping me in every step. I have learnt a lot from you. You made me re-love my work again. You made us re-love our work again. We, teachers, all wanted to thank your parents for raising you this amazing way. They must be really proud of you. We are proud of you. Thank you for making our final day special :)

So, generally speaking, here are some pictures from our last week and last day in summer school:

Water fight ;)

The greatest team ever :D

snow fight!

The price of science, lol!

You can spot Sarah!

All of us!

Thank you for your time.
Stay tuned for more posts to come.


  1. As i told u before , u are a great person Mrs.sherine .

  2. U made me cry again. Me too i can never forget them . I have already missed them .This summer school gave life again to our career as teachers . Yes. U r right . Those responsible young men made me change my point of view about young men of their age. They are so kind and chivalrous . I do appreciate and love them . I enjoyed every minute in the summer school even those hours i spent preparing things . Yes they will have a bright future .isa . May all their dreams would come true. I always pray for them . Thank u .I have not been so happy for a long time and u know it as they gave life to a dead body.Shereen , i would not have been so happy if u weren't by my side encouraging and supporting me . U r great as usual .u have exerted a lot of effort. Thanks to all the teachers who shred in this summer school. Still i have a lot of things to say but i ran out of words.


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