Saturday, August 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Dida!

Hello friends,
Today is a special day for us. It is Farida's birthday. She turned two. How fast time has flown by! It was such a great day and we really had a blast. The guests were only us, Farida, Sarah, my husband and I and this made it more special.
First, I made her a special video starting from the day she was born. It was wonderful. Then, she wore her special dress and we danced and danced and danced. I made her the strawberry jello she loves, I am awful in the whole cake thing, and she blew off the candles. Finally, she had a sensory bin made especially for her. 
The best thing I saw in the photos shared on the video and in today's events was how much her big sister, Sarah, loved her, hugged her and cared so much about her. This literally brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy.
We had a Birthday sensory post in the past. You can check it here. Sarah was 3 back then.

There was nothing fancy here but as you can see, she was so happy. We all were. Needless to mention that she forgot all about the tub once I blew the balloon :D
Thank you for visiting and sharing our special moments. Please, come back soon.

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