Friday, October 11, 2013

Fruity Fruits!

Hey friends,
My beautiful sweet little daughter, Sarah was hospitalized for 3 days for an asthma :( Her first one and hopefully the last. It was heart breaking to see her tied to an oxygen mask and to a cannula! Anyway, she is better now and here is a picture of her on the day she left hospital. She was so funny in the hospital, looking for ways to escape :D She faced all this as strong as one little girl could be,God! I love them so much!

Away from all the drama, Sarah got back to her school and they were discussing fruits. I had to add my touch :p  So, I prepared her some simple things. A sensory tub, a puzzle, stickers and a coloring book. Here is what is inside the tub:

  • plastic fruits
  • fruit erasers
  • small mini trees
  • fall leaves (from the dollar store)
  • confetti (leaves)
  • Blocks (with pictures of fruits on them)

 Farida was trying hard on the puzzle :D

Our dictionary

Farida was so good doing this :)

Thank you for being with us. Hope to see you here soon. We appreciate your comments!


  1. May God bless them ..... i do love them .....my little beautiful angels <3 <3 <3

  2. Yes your are wright and thanks for post a good topic . your post is

    top most in related post.

  3. So cute girls !! You have share such a beautiful photographs ..

    Regards Eduard


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