Sunday, November 20, 2011


It's official, we have a "Mad Science Sunday" every week or every other week;) It was AWESOME! I really didn't focus on any scientific explanation but we rather lived the fun of the moment:) We started by putting our octopus, sea shell, fish eggs, crystal cubes and crystal spheres in water after drawing them on a piece of paper for the measurements (Of course, I did the drawing;)

Then, we did the black color dye test. Jusr color the filter paper with black and add drops of water and see how this black dye divides into many other colours and then we made goop, the girl couldn't believe that mommy was ok with her dipping her hands in such a thing!!! I had fun myself, I know a lot of people did it before but this is my first time, I couldn't imagine how it possesses solid and liquid states both at the same time:)

^^ See her face.

After that, we watched a video about volcanoes on youtube and we made our volcano:) We covered the test tube afterwards and started shaking it.

I's pay a lot to give her this smile forever.

Finally, we did the colored milk test. we added some food colors to milk (we tried whole milk and 2%), she was amazed by the way the colors spread and then, she dipped a q-tip in soap solution and touched the milk. wow, the colors moved to the edges as if running from the soap:)

Every few hours, we checked on our friends in the water and saw how big they got. Then, we left for  a birthday party.

She was so excited to wear her new boots.

In the party, she told everyone about the volcano she made today and how she made fire come out of it, lol! We came late and the girls are sleeping now so I took a picture for our water creatures, she will be so surprised of how big they've gotten in the morning when she sees them.

I still haven't planned anything for tomorrow yet but I will come up with someting and I am determined that tomorrow, God willing, will be full of laughter:)
Thanks for reading and I hope the waiting was worth it.


  1. So cool! I look at this and see mess! You are so brave :P
    Sarah is such a smart little girl! I can't wait to hear about her reaction to her big creatures. These science experiments are great Sherine!

  2. Yes, liz. It was so messy (that's why I put an old towel beneath) and deep inside, I was about to have a heart attack, lol, but I told myself, we have to do it for the sake of learning, lol! She was amazed that they've gotten that big. the octopus was torn into so many pieces:( but the sea shell is huge and the balls are fantastic, they bounce so high and she laughs hysterically when she sees them bouncing:)She told me today, she wants to do it again:) Maybe some time soon!

  3. :) What a sweety! Can't wait to see what is in store for today!


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