Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The ocean...

I had a doctor's appointment at 9 am and I knew Sarah would get bored waiting so I prepared an I spy bottle. Coloring food became way easier now and yes, it does not take a long time (Remember my first posts?!) The items I included in this bottle are: mouse, ant ring, numbers (1-9), letters (A - D), tooth brush, Q-tip , gem, pom pom and small ball. A the beginning, she wanted me to open it for her to take the items out;) but then, she got excited finding things by shaking the bottle so now, she says, "I spy a ...."

Since I already still have the last sensory tub (under the ocean), I thought about making use of it and thanks to myfriend Allison, I found a blog called: 2teachingmommies (see the side bar link) and I found the ocean theme and downloaded everything from there so none of the following are my ideas (I just added some little things to suit us).
We started by going through a powerpoint showing verious ocean animals. I played soft water music as a background to go with the pictures. Then, we went through the spelling list. Of course for us, they are not intended for spelling, just using them so that sarah can recognize different ocean animals. So I can proudly say that Sarah now knows: crab, dolphin, shark, turtle, whale, jelly fish, sea horse, sea star, sea shell, octopus and mermaid. we have a book bought from Egypt called "mermaid", Sarah brought it very quickly and pointed at the matching creatures/animals found in that book (I told I love her:) We also made an octopus and now, Sarah knows that the octopus starts with "O" so i'll consider this the letter of the week.

^^^Can you see this little curious learner behind;)?

After that, we played a little puzzle (from the same blog) and she loved that it formed a shark at the end.

 Then, we ha d a series of failures. Yes, maybe these things are advanced for sarah's age, maybe they are not but in all cases, they were total failures and I think we will leave them for a while and come back to work on them in the near future. So apparently, Sarah can't tell which one is different, however she can get out all the similar ones, lol. She can't trace at all, she can't follow the same pattern and she can't cut properly using the scissors. Here they are:

Then, we played with the shadows. She loved this one.

Sarah could sort pictures according to their size.

We did some Math too. She was supposed to put clothespins according to the number of the items in the picture but to save time, i made her just cross the correct number:

Here the "Mermaid" book that we read afterwards.

Then, we played with our previous sensory tub for some time. Did you guess? Yes, we added our Science day "sea shell", "octopus" and "fish eggs". this simple additions made it like a brand new idea to her:)

And this was how we ended the day, we read the book again before bed time. Of course, here is a picture of my other little love.

Thank you for making it that far and again, I hope you enjoyed.


  1. I love the i-spy bottle! So awesome!
    Did Sarah really count and answer those cards herself?! I can't believe that! I can't believe she actually sits and thinks about this stuff. She is so focused and amazing! Adrian is all over the place!
    Sweet Farida must be enjoying watching her big sister! What a great role model :)

  2. Yes, Liz. She answered them herself. I can't believe either that Sarah can actually sit, well she doesn't actually sit, she sits, jumps over the table, kisses Farida, throws the chair and then brings it back to sit on it and so on, lol!Sarah feeds on playing and she thinks it is a game;) So, she won't let go until finished. She counts everything everywhere nowadays. I think I should start working on 11-15 numbers since she is that enthusiastic but I am just scared I might be going fast for her. We'll see.


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