Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Good Girl in a Glittery Green Garden

Today we had a Girl, Glitter and a Green Garden (of course it it is green :) ), of course it was our letter of the week with the letter "G". Now, you are used to our introduction and approach to a new letter so let's not speak more!




Alphabet soup

Tracing on green sand

Then of course, we had to have some green grass for the garden. This is shredded green paper bought from dollartree store.

Some glitter too

Now, here I left there to do the girl on her own. I only provided her with the paper plate, glue and rubber bands and she did the rest.


She ran to get the eyes

Now here, she stopped and told me that we don't have a nose. I told her that she can use anything for a nose so she ran to the pom poms and got her nose. The same happened with the mouth, I was hoping she would use something other than the pom poms but she didn't, she used only 2 pom poms for the mouth and I told her that this was a very small mouth for such a big girl, so I suggested adding another one and she agreed.


Thank you for joining us, we hope you enjoyed and please come visit back soon.


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