Monday, April 2, 2012

I Can Spell My Name!

Missed us? I hope so. We played a little with light, we tried to put everything on our light box and see what looks best. Sarah knows how to spell her name but I don't think she'll recognize it if she sees it so we worked on that. Here:

We did some role playing too. Sarah was a boy. She found this hilarious. She put the mustache on all of us and kept saying, "No, I'm not a boy, I'm a GIRL."

Some coloring too, she's getting better and better but she gets bored faster and faster nowadays.

Some hand painting, she got to choose what she wants me to paint. We did some on Farida too :)

Thank you for reading, come back soon.


  1. Omg Sherine, she is hilarious! I love her moustache!!!

    1. Yes, she is so hilarious, Liz. She makes all of us laugh :)


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